Landscape Design & Construction


Basalt Walls, Flagstone Patios and Walkways

in Vancouver



 Stone is the real deal.  Confident, good-looking, arrogant at times, some would say pompous.  But everyone knows who the boss is.  Stone has a reputation to maintain.  Solid, Ancient, with a luster and depth unmatched by its thin veneer cousins and stamped concrete counterparts.  Stone is what other building materials aspire to, what ceramic tile wants to be when it grows up.


Don't be fooled by the false claims of Cultured Stone.  These are half-hearted pleadings fueled by petty jealousies - let them fade in the sun and crack in the cold like cheap brick fallen from a building.


And by the same token, make sure your landscaping  is undertaken by a skilled mason who cares about the work, and not a worn out bar star who just needs a paycheck.  Because stack-stone basalt walls don't stack themselves.  I wouldn't even call it stacking really.  With all the stone selecting, cutting and chiseling, I would call it art!  And the cap stones - don't get me started.


If you have an interest in using real stone for your landscaping project in Vancouver, give Rtiste a call, and let us give you some options.