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At Rtiste Landscaping, we design fountains, ponds and waterfalls that lend movement, sound, and interest to your landscape.   Water features  add tranquility to your landscape, and often become the most enjoyable feature of an outdoor space.  In addition to bringing a sense of peacefulness and well being, they also bring birds and little creatures!  During summer when water is scarce, and in winter when water is frozen, fountains and ponds offer great opportunities for bird watching.


Our creative landscape team is skilled in designing and building artistic, natural water features,  Basalt fountains and pondless waterfalls are our most popular  request.  This type of fountain can be placed almost anywhere in the landscaping, and without an open water pond, they use less space and require no maintenance.


For installation of ponds, waterfalls and fountains in the Vancouver  area - contact Rtiste for an expert landscape design. We  install water features in Vancouver, North Vancouver, and West Vancouver.  Browse our various water feature options below  and get on our schedule for a  beautiful and relaxing water feature this season!